How we separate Clinical Waste at Flevo Hospital

Since spring 2022, we have been collaborating with Flevoziekenhuis. Together with our partners, we manage the logistics and processing of all waste streams that arise from the hospital.

Previously, we discussed our partnership with Flevoziekenhuis and how, after a six-week pilot, we had set the objective to circularly process raw materials from all 27 waste streams at the hospital.

Clinical Waste

One of the larger waste streams generated by Flevoziekenhuis is Clinical Waste, which used to be sent to incinerators. We, along with Flevoziekenhuis, are continually involved in separating valuable streams for sustainable processing. That is why we took a closer look at Clinical Waste and devised a sustainable method for separating Medical Staplers.

What does this process look like?

At Flevoziekenhuis, medical staplers are collected internally in separate containers. Our logistics partner, Renewi, picks these containers up and transports them to Greencycle.

Greencycle specialises in valorising materials found in the clinical waste and general waste categories that would normally be incinerated. The staplers are dismantled, cleaned, and ground down. Subsequently, they are recycled or reused at a high level and returned as products that can be used again by hospitals.


"Clinical Waste is both one of the most valuable and most polluting waste streams from hospitals. Making this waste stream more sustainable is essential for achieving more affordable and sustainable healthcare!"



The result?

Separating medical staplers in this way results in a lower percentage of Clinical Waste being incinerated and additionally leads to the reuse of valuable raw materials.

If you are or know of a hospital that also wishes to review their current waste streams with us to identify streams that can be sustainably reused, Please get in touch!



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